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A book publishing company in Nigeria, Lanterna Ventures Limited, has called for the return of the era when reading books was a culture among Nigerians.

Head, Corporate Affairs Unit, Lanterna Ventures Limited, Nigeria, Nnaji Ugbaja, while speaking at the World Book Day 2018 Commemorative Book Reading Session at Lanterna Book Store in Lagos on Thursday in Lagos, disclosed that the event was set aside by the United Nations (UN) to celebrate the world of books and promote the culture of reading among people.

Ugbaja, who said that as a major stakeholder in the book distribution industry, Lanterna Books used the opportunity to appreciate people who read and encourage them to read a book a day, added: “It is a very unique day for us.

It is a day we bring children together because we want to encourage them to start reading from childhood so that when they become older, it will be more like a routine for them to read books.”

“The more your read, there is a tendency for you to go places, we have this mindset that there is a lot of hidden treasures in reading books, if you are willing to explore books,” he noted.

He noted that on such a day, Lanterna Books writes to schools, invites them to come around, encourages them to have a reading session and make book reading a part of culture they should live with.

Ugbaja, who encouraged corporate organizations to buy books, as well as encourage their staff members to read them, added that Lanterna Publishers “distributes books to orphanages and people who are living at the fringe of society, as well as encourages them to read books. It is not just open to schools only.”

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