Thirty-four indigent students of Comprehensive High School, Ososa, Ogun State have benefitted from the community’s scholarship scheme aimed at improving the standard of both junior and senior secondary school students as well as boosting their morale to enable them live up to expectation.

Speaking at the 5th edition of the scholarship grant, which took place within the school premises, President, Ososa United Society, Chief Yomi Adewunmi said the scholarship was initiated when it was discovered that the students were performing below average due to their negative attitude to education.

“We started the programme five years ago when we came to the school and discovered that the students were not serious.

It was such a disturbing and embarrassing situation whereby in a particular case, a mother was escorting her daughter (student) who was also a nursing mother to school.

The mother would hold the baby and during recess, the student would come out to breastfeed her baby.

We found such scenario to be highly abhorrent, demeaning and we were very unhappy.

“We had to first come in by building a school hall and gave out a lot of money to put in place various things that would improve the standard of the school.

We then commenced the scholarship scheme,” he said.

“Education is important and the future of the children is hinged on this and for this reason we would keep on supporting them.

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