An Islamic scholar in Bauchi, Sheikh Dahiru Usman, has said it is wrong to accuse the Fulani of the killings in some parts of the country.

Dahiru, who was fielding questions from newsmen on Wednesday in Bauchi, also said the killings had no religious coloration.

He said, “Fulani are not new and they are not visitors in Nigeria, they are well known as one of the respected tribes. If they are killers, they could have started these killings hundreds of years back, not now.

“The real killers disguise themselves and hide with the intention of painting the Fulani black. Fulani are known to carry sticks and bows and arrows but you are saying the killers have guns. Who gave the Fulani herdsmen guns?”

He noted that it was the responsibility of the government to fish out the culprits and bring them to justice.

While ruling out religious motivation for the attacks, he said, “We have two dominant religions in Nigeria which are Islam and Christianity. Both religions do not allow anyone to shed the blood of anybody, take away their properties or burn their entire properties. Such a dastardly act is not permitted in any religion.”

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