Indigenous contractors in Gombe State have asked Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo to pay debts owed them for various jobs executed in the state, saying it had become simply unacceptable to owe them for several years while being up to date in paying foreign contractors.

The indigenous contractors, some of whom are being owed for upward of four years, say while most of them have already folded up as a result of non-payment of debts owed them by the governor, it has become necessary for the federal government and traditional institutions in the state to call on the governor to pay, as the state bears the brunt of non-payment of these debts. 

Accusing Dankwambo of non-interest in indigenous contractors while having deep interest in foreign firms and hence his preference to always paying the latter while starving the former of their monies, they reminded the governor of the sacrifices they have made in building the state.

An architect attached to one of the firms, Sumaila Indi Gamzhi, called on the federal government to intercede as the situation has gotten out of hand, as they form a chunk of Nigeria’s local investors. 

Gamzhi said against the efforts of President Buhari’s administration’s ease of doing business and the quest to develop the country, states governors such as Dankwambo’s non-payment of local contractors is a huge step backwards in achieving such goals. 

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