Executive Director, Project Alert on Violence Against Women, Mrs. Josephine Effah-Chukwuma, said domestic violence has a huge impact on children, who live in such toxic environments.

“The environment is tense, unpredictable and often dominated by the fear of what would happen to themselves, their parents and siblings. Children, who live in such homes, suffer physical, psychological and emotional trauma, “ Effah-Chukwuma said.

Speaking at the kick-off campaign to raise awareness on the effects of domestic violence on young children, Effah-Chukwuma said: “Children in domestic violence situations are also used and manipulated by the abusive parents against the other. They may be caught in the middle of an assault at the time the abuser strikes. They can also be directly targeted by the abuser, where he/she cannot reach their partner,” she added.

Tagged “Break The Cycle,” the campaign seeks to raise awareness on the effects of domestic violence on young children and aims to advocate for zero- tolerance for domestic violence.

While there are statistics on families facing domestic violence, an often overlooked issue, is the adverse effect on children that are first-hand witnesses of the abuse.

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