President Buhari

Vice President of the Apostolic Church, Pastor Emmanuel Awojide, wants the Federal Government to stop the indiscriminate killings in the country.

Awojide made the appeal yesterday at a press conference in Lagos, to herald the centenary anniversary of the Church in Nigeria.

He warned that every blood shed in the country would be accountable to God.

He said: “The Church does not preach politics, but we pray for politicians. We are lighting with prayers like the early Apostles, and not carrying placards. We believe that prayers can stop these killings instead of carrying placards.

“God abhors shedding of blood and killings, including abortion because who ever kills would be responsible before God and man.”

Awojide who is also the LAWNA territorial chairman, disclosed that the Church, has been involved in manpower development.

He added that it has also been pursuing institution building, and the propagation of the gospel, both at home and abroad.

The Apostolic Church, he added, has also been networking with other denominations, being the first Pentecostal church in Nigeria.

The cleric disclosed that the anniversary, which would end on Sunday, would witness the launch of: “Centenary Historic Book.”

“It is a product of rigorous joint academic research by our team of professional Church historians,” he said.

The event would also witness the unveiling of a Centenary Commemorative Plaque, in honour of Heroes of Faith, as well as a public presentation of video book.

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