Eagle Schnapps, Nigeria’s authentic drink for the promotion of culture and tradition, in keeping with its core values, has sponsored the recently held Iri Ji Mbaise festival. With 91 autonomous communities, the Iri Ji Mbaise is the festival by Mbaise people to herald the eating of the new yam while thanksgiving is held to appreciate the gods for the bountiful harvest.

According to the chairman, Mbaise Traditional Rulers, Eze Leo Nwokocha, the Atodire of Umunneato, yam is a king crop and it is food everyone enjoys, as such it is respected all around Igboland. He added that the significance of the festival is to teach the younger ones about culture passed to them by their forefathers.  

The Head of Marketing Intercontinental Distillers Limited, Mr. Mobolaji Alalade, said the Eagle Schnapps Brand is keeping its promise to support and promote Nigeria ‘s culture and tradition.Highlight of the festival was the pouring of libation with Eagle Schnapps while praying for the peace and prosperity of Mbaise nation.

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