Modibbo Kawu

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) have reiterated its resolved to sanction media outfits, particularly TV and Radio stations that have continued to flaunt its directive against the airing of vulgar and indecent music lyrics in spite of verbal and written warnings.

The Director General of the Commission, Mallam Is’haq Modibbo Kawu made this known yesterday, while calling on artistes to produce broadcast versions of their works for easy use by to broadcast stations without contravening the provisions of the broadcasting Code.

In a statement issued by the Head, Public Affairs of the Commission, Maimuna Jimada, the DG stated that the Commission has been very proactive and responsive in its efforts at regulating the broadcasting industry, especially as regards to ensuring the Nigerian citizens’ right to quality broadcasting.

He noted that broadcasting is a creative medium characterized by professionalism, choice and innovation to serve the interest of the general public and is expected to influence society positively by setting the agenda for the social, cultural, economic, political and technological development of the Nation for the public good.

Kawu stated that in other climes, artistes produce content in at least two versions, the broadcast version, which follows broadcasting guidelines is deemed ‘fit for broadcast’ and made available on broadcast stations and outlets, while the original version is still available through private channels not regulated such as on music streaming services or at private events.

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