Experiential marketing, Oracle Experience, has made a N300 million investment in human capacity development and new equipment. The core areas of the investment are in regional operation upgrade, new technovation drive and the establishment Consumers Engagement Centre (CEC), an intelligence gathering and sharing portal.
According to a statement by the agency, part of the funds was put into mobile solutions technology, lights, effects, rigging, sound, Light-Emitting Diode (LED screens and the CEC portal.
“This technology helps agency put forward its transparency pledge of openness and partnership. With the set up base stations, Nigeria becomes a little village when we are on the field operations and monitored in partnership with the client,” it stated.

Dr. Felix King, chief executive officer of the agency said the application would help to authenticate field operations. For the regional operations, the agency creates additional functional operational hubs across the country to solve logistics challenges face by agencies on outstations activations, and to further bring experiences to consumers and create value for clients.
“Apart from that, the regional expansion will support the agency to deepen experience, while addressing the logistics nightmare that come with operating in dynamic environments you will find in a country like Nigeria.”

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