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The Hammed Odubanjo Foundation, an independent private philanthropic organization, has donated learning materials to some less privileged pupils in some parts of the country.

The foundation does its work by serving the poorest communities in countries around the world in Asia, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa through enabling the advancement of health, education and provision of food, clothes and shelter vulnerable members of society.
Founder, Mr. Adewale Hammed Odubanjo, who deals in oil and gas marketing and distribution, said: “We are committed to alleviating poverty in the world by supporting and improving access to quality education and health services.

In the past year, we have supported close to 20 orphanage homes in Nigeria, including Little Saint Orphanage home, Mother Theresa orphanage home, Zion orphanage, widows’ home and many more.

“In Kuala Lumpur, we visited House of Joy Orphanage home, Rumah kids’ orphanage home.

In South Africa, we had the opportunity to visit Village Safe Haven Orphanage home and a host of others. We were able to support children of Abina community.

Our next project will involve providing relief materials specifically targeted at young girls in less privileged communities”.

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