Ahead of the 2019 general elections, a group known as Nigeria Consolidation Ambassador Network (NCAN), has procured N40million nomination and N5million expression of interest forms towards ensuring re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Members of the group were received by the National Chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole.

NCAN’s National Coordinator, Sunnsi Musa, said their action was based on the premise that President Buhari did not have the wherewithal to procure the forms.

He said they felt they should harness their resources because they could not afford to watch the president going through the stress of raising the huge sum.

“It is my singular honour and rare privilege to present to you a cheque of N45million as payment for the expression of interest and nomination forms for President Buhari,” he said to Oshiomhole.

According to Musa, the group also embarked on the project based on the need to consolidate the achievements so far recorded by the Buhari administration.

His words: “We have no doubt that Mr. President has, both in action and word, been laying a foundation for greater and prosperous nation that our generation and future generations will be proud of.

Under his administration, Nigeria has become a country sought after for investments in the world; Nigeria has assumed its leadership role in not just Africa, but the world.

“Today, Nigeria’s moribund infrastructures are being revived.

There is no state that does not have several Federal Government-sponsored infrastructural projects either completed or being executed under President Buhari.

“We have a stable and steadily growing economy that is departing from the monotonic oil-dependence: agriculture is now an attractive venture as farmers are becoming multi-millionaires and Nigeria is now an exporter of agricultural products as opposed to the situation three years ago.

“For the first time since the return of democracy, Nigerians have a President who can beat his chest and state that he has never stolen from the purse of government.

We have a President who is not having meetings at night to strike shady personal deals but rather is ensuring that every agreement entered into by Nigeria is in the interest of the country and for its generations unborn.

This has indeed boosted the confidence of investors, hence the increase in flow of direct foreign investment into the country.”

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