Following the alleged assault of singer, Omawumi at the hands of some police officers recently, Nigerians have decried the treatment of the police towards citizens, citing harassment and bribe taking.

Omawumi who took to her twitter handle to narrate the incidence, said the whole thing started when some officers stopped her to conduct an illegal search, almost hurting her in the process.

Speaking with The Guardian, Jamiu Olanrewaju lamented the continued extortion of the police from commercial bus drivers. “It is not right, these people are struggling to feed their families with the little they get and cannot even enjoy that.”

A police officer that spoke under the condition of anonymity, decried the activities of his colleagues, saying it was giving them a bad name. A motorist, James Johnson narrating his incidence with an officer during the week said he was brutalised for mistakenly passing one-way. “Instead of correcting me, he took the rifle he was holding and hit me on my head. I came down from the car with blood everywhere to confront him and instead of apologising, he hit me again. It is not proper for an officer or anyone at all to be that brutal,”he said.

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