Executive Director, Doregos Private Academy, Olatokunbo Doregos has urged students not to allow their passion for sports activities hinder their academic focus, stressing that skills acquisition without education would leave a vacuum in the overall development of the child.   Doregos who spoke at the presentation of trophy to Lagos Grassroot Corp recently advised parents and students to embrace education before any other skills.

He maintained that education is key in achieving one’s dreams and purpose in life, adding that literacy, numeracy and arithmetic cannot be rejected.

Although he noted that sport activities is also a way of learning, the school administrator maintained that academics is paramount.

“For us in Africa, football is what we know, live with, it binds us together as a community more than any other thing.

Taking the world cup as an example, irrespective of what colour and background you are, you have people all over the world who come together for a month to celebrate football. It is a unifying.

“But learning must be given its place as it plays an important role in achieving purpose in life. If you want to engage in sports you need to be literate, if you are not, you wouldn’t know how to manage yourself.”

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