The Advisory Board of the Nigeria Prize for Science has picked “Nanostructured metal hydrides for the storage of electric power from renewable energy sources and for explosion prevention in high voltage power transformers,” a work by Dr. Peter Ngene, as the winning work for this year’s The Nigeria Prize for Science, worth a $100, 000.

The work is a new type of energy storage with implications on renewable energy development. It also contributes to surmounting challenges in Nigeria around power transformers’ explosions due to degradation of insulators in the transformers.

Chairman of the board, Prof. Akpoveta Susu, who made the announcement at a press conference in Lagos, was quoted to have said: “This winning work is evolutionary. Nigerians are beginning to see a clear link between their research works and problem solving, which was the idea behind using science to manage our challenges. For instance, explosions in transformers are common experiences in the country. If we are serious, through this prize, this situation can be a thing of the past.”

I call on the private sector and the government to take up this challenge.”

Meanwhile, Manager, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Department at NLNG, Andy Odeh, while reacting to the verdict, said: “With each passing year, our belief grows stronger that there is a place for The Nigeria Prize for Science in the quest to develop our country through science research and technology.

“The current reality in today’s energy world is a trilemma. The world population is growing very fast that it is projected to increase by an extra two billion by 2050. It is like adding a new China and India to the world’s population. On the back of this increase in population and improving fortune of people globally is a corresponding increase in energy demand. Where will this energy come from? Also, on the back of all these growth is the increasing clamour for clean energy as a result of climate change.”

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