[FILE PHOTO] wheelchairs

An Indian organization, Urja Foundation hosted about five hundred children to celebrate Nigeria’s independence at 58.

The foundation also donated 11 wheelchairs and four crutches to air force, immigration, army and police officers. The participating children were that of officers of paramilitary and armed forces organisations.

The founder of Urja, Mrs. Rukhi Mitra said the event is held annually to celebrate Nigeria at independence, which is now home to her and many Indians as well as uplift weaker section of the society through providing some form of support.

According to her, the foundation provides scholarship to children and it has grown the number from four to about 30 children in the last five years.

She said the wheelchairs and crutches were donated to the paramilitary and armed forces officers because of the vital service they provide to the society.

Eight wheelchairs and crutches were given to serving officers while seven wheelchairs and crutches were given to airforce and police hospitals.

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