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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Femi Kuti indirectly asks Dede Mabiaku to go and die

Femi Kuti indirectly asks Dede Mabiaku to go and die CEO Contact


All is still not well between the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti family and his protege, Dede Mabiaku.

Since Fela’s death and the inception of Felabration 18 years ago, Dede Mabiaku is about the only musician that has never performed at the annual festival despite his close ties with the late Fela.
In a September 2016 interview, Dede said, ‘That I have not been invited by them to perform at the Felabration, it should be your duty to ask them how and why.’
He added, ‘the question is why Dede has not been performing at the shrine at the Felabration. Have you asked Femi and Yeni? You shouldn’t ask Dede, you should ask the source. So you nor go ask me about another person thing, you go ask the person, why?’
In what seems to be a response to Dede Mabiaku, at the just concluded Felabration, Daddy Showkey asked that Dede be invited to Felabration and immediately, Femi Kuti took the avenue to lash out at Dede.
In Femi’s words, ‘he claims he’s Fela’s son but anytime we do anything for Fela, he never shows up. We don’t pay anybody to come for Felabration, we just mention Fela’s name and artiste turn up because of their love for Fela. So anybody we wan shakara us make he go die.

Watch the video below


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Tyga reportedly feigns sickness in court to avoid questions about his income

Tyga reportedly feigns sickness in court to avoid questions about his income CEO Contact


Tyga went into serious medical distress mode Tuesday morning when the lawyer for a jeweler started asking him questions about how much loot he shells out for GF Kylie Jenner.

Celeb jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills hauled Tyga into a hearing to determine if he has enough money to satisfy a $200k judgment for a fancy chain and timepiece.

At the beginning of the questioning Tyga was pretty accommodating, telling Jason’s lawyer, Boris Treyzon, about his income and what he owns. But then Treyzon started grilling Tyga about various gifts he’s given Kylie, and that triggered a 911-type emergency.

We’re told Tyga said he started feeling extremely ill, lost memory and became confused, telling the lawyer he just couldn’t go on.

The tricky part … Kylie has cooed openly on social media about various gifts she’s received from her BF, including a Mercedes as a birthday present. If he can afford that, he can afford to pay Jason. But, if Tyga says he didn’t give Kylie all that stuff, he’s effectively saying she’s a social media liar.

The hearing’s been rescheduled for November 1st ..the same day Kylie’s set to come in for a separate interview.

(Credit: TMZ)

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Top Weekly Movie / Music Pick – (18th – October– 2016)

Top Weekly Movie / Music Pick – (18th – October– 2016) CEO Contact




Kcee ft Tekno – Tender

Davido – Son Of Mercy

Tekno – Diana

Phyno x Olamide – Waa Here (God Be With Us)


Closer – The Chainsmokers Featuring Halsey

Starboy – The Weeknd Featuring Daft Punk

Heathens – twenty one pilots

24K Magic – Bruno Mars


A Million Colour – Genre: Thriller/ Starring – Xolile Tshabalala, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Elin Gardshol, Pope Jerrod, Sibongile mlambo

When love happens again. Genre: Romantic Comedy/ Starring – Weruche Opia, Udoka Oyeka, Enyinna Nwigwe

The Grudge. Genre: Thriller / Starring – Ireti Doyle, Funmi Holder, Odunlade Adekola, Jaiye Kuti

Oloibiri. Genre: Thriller / Starring – Richard Mofe Damijo, Olu jacobs, willaiams moses, Taiwo Ajai Lycett


The Accountant . Genre: Action / Starring – Ben Affleck, Jon Bernthal, Anna Kendrick, John Lithgow, J.K. Simmons

The Girl on the Train (2016) . Genre: Thriller / Starring – Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Haley Bennett, Justin Theroux, Luke Evans

The Accountant . Genre: Action / Starring – Ben Affleck, Jon Bernthal, Anna Kendrick, John Lithgow, J.K. Simmons

Kevin Hart: What Now? Genre: Concert/Actor – Kelvin Hart

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Genre: Fantasy/ Starring – Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, Terence Stamp, Samuel L. Jackson


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I will consider selling my sperm to someone that wants a child – Uti Nwachukwu

I will consider selling my sperm to someone that wants a child – Uti Nwachukwu CEO Contact


In a very interesting exclusive interview with LIB, actor Uti Nwachukwu says he cannot act nude in any movie because as a man, the only thing you can hold sacred is your p***s.

The Big Brother star said that his respect for his body stopped him from showing off his penile area during shower hour when he was in the Big Brother house, as he believes that the only person who deserves to see his full nudity is the person he is sleeping with.

“Honestly if I have to do that, it will be the kind of money to put me in a position where I don’t have to lift a finger again. There’s something sacred about my nudity. Even at big brother when they showered naked, I never showered naked. I always had my boxers on. If my nudity is brought out to the public, it’ll definitely be against my will or a situation where I was tricked.
 As a man, the only thing you can hold sacred is your penis so if everyone sees your penis, there’s no sacred thing you can hold unto. That’s see finish and I’m not comfortable with that even with that $1B. In the future, you’re going to have kids in the future. We have to preserve our sense of decency and conservation. I’m not judgmental, won’t judge anyone but I want to have something that will leave people guessing. The only person that should see my penis is who I’m sleeping with”

 Read the full interview below

So What Has Uti Been Up to Lately?
Oh, what have I not been up to? I’ve been hosting events, walking runways both home and abroad. I’m preparing to start shooting more movies both home and abroad not Hollywood but African productions. It’s not the best of years but it’s been a very good year for me.

So the recession is not hitting you?
I’m not going to lie. I won’t say I’m getting more than what I got last year but I’ve been getting way enough to sustain my lifestyle since I’m not frivolous and can live a comfortable to pay my bills and live a happy and comfortable life.

As a fashion icon, do you intend flagging off a fashion brand?
I’ve always been looking forward to pushing my own label but for now, I’d rather partner with a designer to release an Uti inspired line.  To be honest, I am extremely afraid of starting my own business in Nigeria. I’d rather partner with someone than start my own. Respect to those who have run successful small businesses in Nigeria because all the factors are against you from power to the labour force and having dedicated people to run your business like their own. I do a lot of things in entertainment and combining all that will be difficult. I’m not ready to give up doing what I enjoy doing to run a business. I am more of a performer than a businessman and once I can get people trustworthy enough to run my business and I’m sure I’ll be getting  a good return on investment, I will. I can’t handle my own business right now.

Since you model how much money will make you go nude for a shoot?
That’s not my brand.

Even for a Billion Naira?
Honestly if I have to do that, it will be the kind of money to put me in a position where I don’t have to lift a finger again. If its a billion dollars, obviously… No thinking of it, there’s something sacred about my nudity. Even at big brother when they showered naked, I never showered naked. I always had my boxers on. If my nudity is brought out to the public, it’ll definitely be against my will or a situation where I was tricked. Back nudity, yes, everyone has bum bum nau. As a man, the only thing you can hold sacred is your penis so if everyone sees your penis, there’s no sacred thing you can hold unto. That’s see finish and I’m not comfortable with that. Even with that $1B. In the future, you’re going to have kids in the future. We have to preserve our sense of decency and conservation. I’m not judgmental, won’t judge anyone but I want to have something that will leave people guessing. The only person that should see my penis is who I’m sleeping with.

Talking about that, who are you sleeping with at the moment?
(laughs) Really, that’s like me asking you did you shave or how big is your.. I don’t kiss and tell.

Everyone is asking when Uti will get married.
Really? They are just wasting their time. They attach importance to cultural issues. I’m pro marriage. One of my most popular articles was on marriage. It went viral. With the response from that article I can tell that many people are under pressure to get married. It’s not an obligation. Even churches make it seem like without marriage, you are a failure. That’s why they are a lot of unhappy couples.
If I do marry, it will be because I woke up and met an amazing person and said I can spend the rest of my life with this person. Marriage shouldn’t be dependent on age or societal expectations just like the way you don’t care how I ate this morning. Everyone has a right of free will. If I meet someone that makes me complete inside, I will marry. I ask God, if you have a wife for me, divinely connect me. Give me that confirmation in my heart. Until then, I am not even bothered. I don’t do things when others are doing things.  I graduated in 2009 my mates graduated 2003 at the end of the day in 2010, I made x2 of all the money they had been saving over the years while I was trying to still trying to find myself. If you compare yourself to others, you will miss the road God has paved for you.

Are Your Parents In Support Of This?
I come from a family of 2 boys and 4 girls and my parents never put pressure on us. All my sisters married over the age of 30 only one married before 30. I am single and I have one other single sister. My married sisters have given birth and they are all 30. I am the last born in my family. My dad never said you must marry and my mums never said give me my grandchild before I get old.
No pressure from my family, pressure I receive is from other people which I don’t tolerate. I analyze a few married friends and see that they are not happy. 80% of married people are not happy. If you are happily married, you will not be concerned about other people’s status.

What’s your relationship with Timi Dakolo? Recall that the marriage thing caused a stir between the both of you on Instagram.
Timi is my friend. If you go through me and Bryan’s timeline, we are constantly insulting each other and laughing about it. I and Beverly Naya have that kind of relationship. I am not a sweet sugar coating kind of guy. We insult each other on phone it doesn’t mean we hate eachother. It’s the same thing with Timi. All of that was just online drama. It’s just yabbing. Timi is my guy anytime any day. I’m sure he will laugh if he reads this.

When was the last time you took a lady out on a proper date?
That was at the AFW in London where I met a very interesting Nigerian based girl. It was a bit awkward where we met. We met where I’d not be interested in seeing her again but there was something very special about her. I’m not saying we’re dating but I just decided to have a proper sit down and eat and we genuinely talked and got to know each other. It was fun, I felt like I was 21 again.

After the date what happened?
Distance sucks. I am not a good long distance person, once or twice, we keep in touch but the relationship will suffer.

Are you implying you’re in a long distance relationship?
No no! Just like I said, it will suffer; we are keeping in touch and want to see where this goes. We talked for one hour last night.

Could she be the one?
We have not even spent up to two weeks physically together. There’s a difference between talking to one over the phone and being together. I get frustrated with people. I am not a control freak but I like things to be done in a way that is not too inconveniencing for me.

What is your vice?
I have a little OCD (obsessed compulsive disorder), I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I have a little patience issues with people. It is a lot better now. I don’t tolerate inconsiderate people. At times, sharing my space with someone, I’m not selfish I just like things doing in a way I’m comfortable with.

Do you have any intention to go into Movie Production?
Ummh, when it’s right, am not one of those people that will delve into movie production without proper funding. I want to go into it at the right time to direct and produce well respected movies like Obi Emelonye, and Stephanie Okereke, who did a great job in her movie ‘Dry’.
I have not been known for Mediocrity, so going into producing will be at the right time to produce a movie with Perfect writing, Perfect scripts, Perfect directing, Perfect locations and nice costumes.

Ever since you started hosting, who is the most difficult partner you have worked with?
Well, I think about two or three persons, not necessarily they were boring but slow. But in terms of clash, the only person I have clashed with is Helen Paul on Jara. Our personalities are a bit different, when we first started working, early 2011/12, we used to clash not a lot but maybe once a Month and later on we apologise, laugh over it and move on. Some days, we clash on set, in-between tapes and when the Camera comes up on us, we are like ‘Welcome back to the Jara Show’. Currently, Helen is the best presenter to work with because every time we get to work together, off Jara set, is actually a blessing and exciting to me. I think she’s one of the best things that have happened to my career and I love her so much, she’s like the sister that I never had.

How long does it take you to get styled?
It actually depends on where am going and what I will be wearing to that occasion, but on a norm, let’s say maximum of 20 minutes.

So which actors are you looking to work with?
I don’t really care. I am not looking up to work with actors. I’m looking forward to work with directors  like Desmond Elliot, Kemi Adetiba and other good directors because those are the people that actually make the movies. I’m way over personalities or being star-strucked because when you meet most of them, you are either really impressed or disappointed. With age and time, I think I have been more disappointed at other celebrities I have met. They have lost that very essence that makes us human, they get lost in the whole Fame thing. Their fake lifestyle is so alarming, that you can see so clearly that these people are not wealthy like they try to portray. The only very few people that I have met and was impressed, that I always give shout to, are my top Nollywood personalities from day one, Rita Dominic, Desmond Elliot, Chidi Mokeme just to mention a few. They have had my back all through and I respect them so very much. They are so human, very real and down to earth.

Do you have an anger problem?
Ooops, no I don’t, am only an impatient person, like when someone acts stupid and less expected of him or herself. I really have a problem with unintelligent people.
I don’t understand, why someone will be unintelligent, am not talking about book smart but life, reality and street smart, I just can’t tolerate it.

Can you donate your semen for N20M?
I have actually thought about it, it’s very interesting giving life, so it’s no big deal, If am going to make a woman and her family out there happy, why not? I can, it’s very doable, I will consider selling my sperm to someone that wants a child, because N20M will pay a lot of bills for me.’

Between Yemi Alade, Seyi Shay and Simi, Who Would You Smash, Kiss and take to Mama?
Of course I’ll take Simi to mama. Simi has that home quality, she reminds me of the kind of girls I liked in secondary school. There’s something very cute and African about Simi.
For smashing, hmmm all of them are very “smashable”. I will smash Yemi and Kiss Seyi Shay.

Haha! Don’t you think Adekunle Gold and Falz will be mad at you if you take Simi to mama?
(Laughs)… That’s why it’s a question. We are speaking hypothetically. There are female artistes that people just love. People like Chidinma, Simi, Tiwa. They are so sweet and you will just know that in real life, this person will be amazing. I’ve met Simi, she’s so soft spoken, nice and has a good personality.

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Mary J. Blige's estranged husband files for temporary monthly spousal support

Mary J. Blige's estranged husband files for temporary monthly spousal support CEO Contact


Mary J. Blige’s estranged husband is demanding a 6-figure check from her every month, while they hash out their divorce.

Martin Isaacs filed for temporary spousal support, and according to the docs obtained by TMZ  he thinks $129,319 per month is a nice, round number. His argument is simple , Mary was the breadwinner during their 12-year marriage and got him used to their lavish lifestyle.

Martin says Mary earned anywhere from $1.5 to $5.1 million over the last 2 years. Remember, he used to be her manager and he points out she’s currently on tour with an album about to drop. He, on the other hand, has zero income since Mary fired him shortly after she filed for divorce.

As for that prenup we told you about Martin believes it’s bogus since he signed it without a lawyer.

And he says Mary knows the prenup’s BS, as evidenced by the fact she’s already cut him 2 checks for a total of $85k.

(Source: TMZ)

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Segun Arinze Berates New Nollywood Actors’ Attitude

Segun Arinze Berates New Nollywood Actors’ Attitude CEO Contact



The former president of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Segun Arinze has condemned the attitude of the new set of Nollywood actors describing them as pretentious and indiscipline.

The versatile actor made the comment recently during an interview with Hip TV News, where he maintained that the new entrants only show proficiency in phonetics.

“Today’s set of Nollywood actors are not grounded. What they know how to do is to speak phonetics.

“Most of these guys are pretentious. They are only interested in who has the highest number of likes or followers on their social media platforms.

“Most of them are not even disciplined and they lack the knowledge, they only want to be popular.”

“I am sorry to say this but the truth is that today’s crop of Nollywood actors are not grounded. Talent is not the only thing you need, you also have to be grounded.”

The prolific actor began his career in Ilorin, Kwara State, and has featured in several movies including Silent Night, Across the Niger, Family on Fire and Black Arrow which earned him the alter ego of the same name.

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Monday, 17 October 2016

Kaduna Killings: FG, Kaduna Govts Abandoned Our People To Be Killed -SOKAPU

Kaduna Killings: FG, Kaduna Govts Abandoned Our People To Be Killed -SOKAPU CEO Contact


The Southern Kaduna Peoples’ Union (SOKAPU) on Monday blamed the ongoing killings in the area to lack of concern from both the Federal and State governments.

President of the group, Barr. Solomon Musa in a statement said, the killings in Godo Godo, Jama’a and Sanga local government areas has been successfully carried out by terrorist herdsmen because the government has abandoned the entire pwople of Southern Kaduna to be “maimed, raped, brutalized, killed, slaughtered and destroyed.”
“Godo Godo communities once again came under very fierce, terrifying, brutal, savage and barbarous attack by Fulani herdsmen without provocation of any nature from Saturday 15th October, 2016 to Sunday afternoon. This is despite the frantic calls for help from the beleaguered villagers to those constitutionally saddled with the task of safeguarding their citizens,” the statement read.
According to SOKAPU, the barbarians wreaked maximum havoc and destruction by killing uncountable number of lives of our people is unacceptable.

“So far, the locals have been able to identify not less than 40 corpses aside from the several other corpses burnt beyond recognition. Virtually all houses have been burnt in Godo Godo. Property worth hundreds of millions destroyed while crops have been grazed by cattle and the rest destroyed by the invaders. The savagery and barbarity of the attack is beyond belief. Yet, governments at the Federal and State levels appear quiet and noncommittal. We have been abandoned, deserted and neglected,” he said.

The SOKAPU President who liken the killings in southen Kaduna to that of the Rwandan genocide, said “the Tutsis were abandoned, deserted and neglected during the Rwandan genocide in 1994 until over 800,000 Tutsis were brutally massacred by the Hutus. This is the scenario that is taking place in Southern Kaduna. We are being killed, slaughtered and decimated by Fulani Herdsmen, yet it will appear to our people that the government has failed, refused or neglected to intervene decisively to end the carriage. As a peaceful people we have spoken, we have carried out peaceful protests, we have appealed and pleaded for intervention by the authorities, yet our appeal and plea has appeared to have fallen on deaf ears. It will appear to our people that government is not concerned, moved or bothered by the carnage and pogrom in Southern Kaduna,” he said.

SOKAPU further regard it a national shame and an indictment of the state government’s commitment to security issues in Southern Kaduna that about seven villages in Godogodo chiefdom are now completely deserted after being ransacked, burnt and the people killed.
“More nauseating is the added fact that in villages like Ninte, Akwa, Ungwan Anjo, and Antang  – where the people had been sacked from their villages, the armed herdsmen have permanently taken over the villages and boldly grazing their herds on the farms of the villagers. With thousands of people that have been displaced, the current attacks can only add to that number if the State Government does not muster up the will to urgently address the ongoing genocide in our zone.
“It will appear that Southern Kaduna does not deserve the attention, sympathy or intervention of government. It will appear that we have been abandoned, deserted and neglected. We do not deserve the intervention or sympathy of the Federal or State Governments.

“Security personnel are posted to the main highways only; from April to date, there does not appear to be any form of intelligence gathering, any form of surveillance, any form of proactive measures to forestall future occurrences; any form of intervention by government.

“From April to date, neither NEMA nor SEMA has not seen it fit to rehabilitate, resettle or to bring any kind of relief materials to the victims of the attacks in the area. No relief materials, no IDP camps; no protection for our villages. What have we done to deserve this? Is it because of who we are? Why have we been abandoned, deserted and neglected? Will this have happened if it is elsewhere? Are we part of Kaduna State? Are we part of Nigeria? If we are not, we then deserve our state and our nation. We can stand on our own,” they asked.

“In view of the fact that Boko Haram has been degraded; cattle rustling was brought to an end in Kamuku forest and Zamfara State by the joint action of several states and the Federal Government, we call on both the State Government and Federal Government to place greater premium on human lives by carrying out decisive and combined operation to halt the genocide immediately in order to assure the people that we are indeed part of Kaduna State and Nigeria,” they added.

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6th AFRIFF Announces Festival Programmes

6th AFRIFF Announces Festival Programmes CEO Contact


This season, the annual Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) returns for its sixth year of cinematic celebration with an impressive line-up of movie premieres, film screenings, industry sessions, master classes and other festival programmes holding in Lagos, Nigeria, from November 13 to 20, 2016.

Announcing the festival programme at the Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos on Friday, AFRIFF Founder/Executive Director Ms. Chioma Ude said Lagos will, once again, wear the tourism ambiance, playing host to filmmakers and actors from around the world, with over 100 films showing at the newly opened FilmOne-IMAX and Genesis Duluxe Cinema, both in Lekki, Lagos.

Ude appeared to have struck the right cord when she announced Nate Parker’s Oscar hopeful, The Birth of a Nation and Izu Ojukwu’s celebrated film on the first Nigerian military coup, ’76 as the opening and closing films respectively, a disclosure which was received with loud ovation.

Canon Europe Ltd, leading provider of digital cameras, and Diageo Nigeria, world’s premium beverage company join the list of resourceful partners and developmental agencies like Ford Foundation, British Institute, Lagos State, Africa Magic, MultiChoice Nigeria, Access Bank, Bank of Industry, Peugeot Automobile Nigeria (PAN), Afrinolly, African Film Consortium (AFC), FilmOne-IMAX and Genesis Duluxe Cinemas, at the press parley and cocktail launch.

According to the AFRIFF boss, festival guests are up for the best of times during the festival, as all the films in official line-up are products of the new narratives for African cinema and Black films  world over.

The selection includes, 93 Days (Nigeria) by Steve Gukas, The CEO (Nigeria) by Kunle Afolayan, Vaya (South Africa) by Akin Omotoso, The Cursed Ones (U.K) by Nana Obiri, The Wedding Ring ( Niger) by Rahmatou Keita, Kati Kati (Kenya) by Mbithi Masya, If Tomorrow Never Comes (Ghana) by Pascal Amanfo, Remember Me (Nigeria) by Izu Ojukwu, Breathe (South Africa) by Mark Dornford-May, The Missing God (Nigeria) by Ubaka Joseph, Unspoken (Nigeria) by Remi Vaughan-Richards, Green White Green (Nigeria) by Abba Makama, The Unseen (Namibia) by Perivi Natjavivi, N.G.O (Uganda) by Arnold Aganze, Gidi Blues (Nigeria) by Femi Odugbemi, Daggers of Life (Ghana) by Paapa Otoo, Shadow of the Passion (Burkina Faso) by Ado Bambara, Ojukokoro (Nigeria) by Dare Olaitan, Bala Bala Sese (Uganda) by Lukyamuzi Bashir and The Arbitration (Nigeria) by Niyi Akinmolayan.

In addition to the wide range of films, the festival, according to Ude, will also offer industry platforms for skill acquisition, financing, pitching, symposia on alternative revenue streams and piracy.

Ude noted that one of the core objectives of the festival is the talent development where AFRIFF has been engaging with its partners in creating opportunities for young people to explore filmmaking. “Amongst our Shorts programme are films made by young people, selected from last year’s training and talent development programmes,” she said.

Speaking on Canon’s partnership with AFRIFF, Managing Director of CCNA, Roman Troedthandl, said: “It is incredible to see how far AFRIFF has come in the past 6 years in terms of receiving acknowledgement within the international film industry. The festival has grown from strength to strength in these years. CCNA is proud to partner with AFRIFF and contribute to this success.  We are looking forward to this year’s festival and the world class cinema that will be screened.”

Executive Producer of ‘76, Prince Tonye Princewill who responded from London where the film is being screened at the London International Film Festival said “the honour of our film being chosen to close the Africa International Film Festival cannot be described with words. The film has been honoured around the world, but recognition at home means everything to us. The field for Nigerian films is very strong this year, so it is especially rewarding for ‘76 to receive this nod. We are proud of the AFRIFF organizers and hope we can do them justice.”

Kene Mkparu who spoke on behalf of Filmone-IMAX and The Birth of a Nation, noted that “FilmOne Distribution & Filmhouse Cinemas are truly honoured to be a part of bringing this amazing re-telling of a remarkable piece of African history to the continent of Africa. And like Nate Parker (writer, director, producer and star of the movie) himself said, what better platform to present The Birth Of A Nation to the continent than the biggest African film festival, AFRIFF, here in Lagos Nigeria. We are also delighted that this movie is so important to our partners 20th Century Fox that senior executives of Fox (including Paul Higginson, Executive Vice President, EMEA) as well as stars of the movie will be here, live, in Lagos to launch the Birth of A Nation. This is a movie all Africans must get to the cinema to see. It is our story we never knew, action packed, resilient spirit of man, godliness, hard-hitting, tear-jerking, emotional, thought-provoking and very, very well made.”

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First Lady Sting – Charly Boy

First Lady Sting – Charly Boy CEO Contact


Read his post after the cut

Guys, you must have read or heard by now our President’s answer when he was asked in the presence of other world leaders, in faraway Germany, which party his wife, Aisha belongs to. He gave a classic “Aboki” answer, “I don’t know what political party she belongs to but all I know is that she belongs to my kitchen, my room and other rooms” whaaaat?!

Haba, some kain things just dey run belly.

My people, how many of una hear or read Aisha Buharis BBC interview? In that interview I could see a woman who has considered all her options and all consequences and is simply crying out for help because domestically things are perhaps not peaceful or that her husband’s power and authority has been hijacked by the treacherous cabals who insist on making some of our Presidents (past and present)a mere figure head. The same cabal hijacked Goodluck Jonathan administration, an easy going man who was never wired for treachery and evil, in fact that one personally confessed to me himself that he is under siege by the Cabal.

People, there is fire on the mountain o!

As far as I’m concerned if Buhari is not in charge, then who the heck is in charge of this derailing ship called Nigeria.

I know that it is very lonely at the top. If you’re a family man, you know how easy or difficult it is in running your family how much more a country/nation as big as Nigeria.

Our leaders know they are ultimately responsible for the lives and fortunes of the people and If they fail, many of us will get poorer, suffer and die for nothing. They often deny the burdens and loneliness of leadership, thereby becoming incapable of facing reality, they tune down their inner voice, because it is too painful to confront or even acknowledge it; it may, however, appear in their dreams as they try to resolve conflicts rustling around inside their heads, cabinet or homes, therefore, their work and function derails and personal lives get out of balance. They lose touch with those closest to them̬ like their spouses, children, and best friends who can no longer synchronize their points of view and they eventually  lose their capacity to think logically about important issues. Long and short, the country and its people suffer, especially the poor masses. My people, look at Us now. Hmm!

I don’t believe that our First Lady, Aisha is crazy, unhinged or trying to sabotage her husband’s efforts, rather I see her as a woman who is frustrated in trying to communicate with her husband, a woman who probably haven’t had any lately in decades, a woman who is sick and tired of all the male macho bullshit and above all very afraid of these treacherous, vile and evil Cabal whose plans are not in the country’s best interest. She may have her game going. Who knows? For the First Lady to say all that she said understanding the consequences living with the kinda man who wouldn’t really mind confining her to the kitchen, is very noble and courageous. My people can this explain the confusion in Aso Rock today or the inaction/insensitivities of Buhari’s government towards us, the people? The bad spirits have taken over, Holy Ghost Fire!

I didn’t vote in the last election because the choice of candidates was wrong, it was like being between the devil and the deep blue sea. And I have always said that what Nigeria/Nigerians need now, is a benevolent dictator who can arrest these cabals and for once have a leadership that thinks about us, the People.

The divisive tactics of the Cabal is legendary. They are egotistical sleazy riffraffs who can never comprehend the concept of leadership, service to the people. They are blinded by their greed and the evil that dwells in their hearts.

From where I stand, I feel the Cabal has succeeded in overpowering our President, hence, Aisha’s cry for help. And it doesn’t make it any easier when the person in question has a mungo park mentality. Kai wahala dey.

My people what do we do? How can we help to get our oga to see our predicament and take immediate action to rescue our future? Nigerians are no longer happy, they are hungry and angry. God ain’t going to send down manna from heaven so forget about night vigil and your pastors, it is our call to face this monster or we will all die one after another before our time.

Any suggestion is permitted because this doesn’t look good at all.

I don talk my own.

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Former Miss Imo state Stephanie Korie slapped by a Nigerian soldier

Former Miss Imo state Stephanie Korie slapped by a Nigerian soldier CEO Contact


Former Miss Imo State Stephanie Korie was yesterday night humiliated by undressed army man at a graduation party of her friends.

Read her reaction and the full gist below:

“Nigeria has turned to something else where men treat women with no respect. I’m so disappointed with our military;  they treat women with no respect . I’ve been hearing stuffs about the things they  do in Aba, Abia States but didn’t believe until it happened to me tonight . 
I actually went to my friends graduation party with my younger sis in my school, when all of a sudden some guys started fighting. I wasn’t comfortable so we had to go out and we were about leaving when a guy approached me ( army officer not dressed in his uniform )  and asked me of the people with us; I was surprised because I was invited and didn’t know much people in the party. But I didn’t answer him then ,he told me he would slap me if I don’t tell him. I was surprised and asked him why? Before I could recall what was happening he gave me a dirty slap.
 Now I’m wondering; do men go about  slapping any female they see? or the men in our country have lost the respect they have for women? It is a big shame for a soldier in the Nigerian  army to act with such irresponsible behaviour. And when he was asked why he did what he did, his reply was “do you know who I am” #StandAgainstMilitaryIntimidation #MenShouldNotHitWomenForNoReason #TheMilitaryShouldProtectAndNotIntimidateOurWomen‎”

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Looks like Tonto Dikeh would be rejecting a lot of scripts in the nearest future…. Read why

Looks like Tonto Dikeh would be rejecting a lot of scripts in the nearest future…. Read why CEO Contact


Renowned Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh-Churchill, has said there are roles she can no longer play as a married woman, stating marriage has changed the way she thinks and operates.

The ‘Sugar rush’ crooner, who tied the nuptial nuts last year, also said marriage is a blessing, not a curse or hell fire as most people have tagged it over the years.

In a chat with The Sun, the River State-born actress said, “Marriage is a blessing! It’s a new phase and level in life. Marriage from my point of view is awesome if you marry the right person.

“It is hell if you marry the wrong person. You will hear different stories from different folks. For me, I am waxing stronger and happier in marriage.”

On what attracted her to her husband, Tonto said, “If you know my husband, it would be hard to pick out what you like most about him because he is such a sweetheart. But I appreciate his efforts in making me a better woman. He has given me so much security as a husband”.

“Honestly, I haven’t had anyone stand by me or want to protect me the way he does. I must appreciate him for all his love. I love him dearly. That’s why I call him my ‘King Kong’.”

The actress, who has not featured in any movie since she got married, said she was busy with her primary responsibility.

She said, “I have not worked in any production after marriage because I have been busy in my primary duties as a wife and mother. I need adequate time to build a solid foundation for my family and for a sustainable home. And I hope to be back in no distant time,” she noted, adding that as a married woman, she would no longer accept any role that comes her way now.

She said, “As a married woman a lot of things change in your life. Of course, you must have some sense of responsibility in decision making, because it is not just about your life anymore, you have a family to take care of”.

“So, for the respect I have for my head, who is my husband and my neck, who is my son, I can’t play certain roles anymore. And I don’t have any regrets because my family comes first in all I do,” the mother of one added.

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The Kardashains reportedly in a legal battle with a legally blind man

The Kardashains reportedly in a legal battle with a legally blind man CEO Contact


The Kardashian family have been slammed with a lawsuit by a blind man who claims their Dash store ”refuses to do business with the blind and treats them as second-class citizens”.

According to TMZ:
Andres Gomez says he’s legally blind and uses screen reader software to access the Internet. But the software continually came up empty when he tried browsing Dash store’s website. He says the site contains barriers and Dash is well aware but refuses to fix it.

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are not named defendants in the suit.

Gomez accuses the store of violating the American with Disabilities Act because Dash’s website fails to sync with his screen reader software and provides no other access for blind customers.

Gomez is suing to get Dash’s website to comply with federal law and he also wants cash.

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Aisha Buhari does not belong to the kitchen – Alibaba

Aisha Buhari does not belong to the kitchen – Alibaba CEO Contact


Veteran comedian, Ali Baba, has reacted to the buzzing topic on Nigerian media of President Buhari saying his wife belongs in his kitchen living room and other room.

In a post he made via his social media page, he said the president has the right to say where his wife belong. Read his post below

“Aisha Buhari does not belong to the kitchen. Like every other successful career woman in Nigeria, she belongs to the areas where she and her likes can help to build a great nation. From my last check, she is not In Purdah and has been an advocate for the betterment of women. She is vocal about the things she is concerned about, and if you know the kind of man she married, if he did not support her or better put, give her that room, not the other room, to operate, she would not have had the success she had had in her career like she has today. True she is the wife of Mr president. True, he has the right to say where his wife belongs. But don’t be fooled by the hype and brouhaha that had been generated. That is not a woman that is conscripted to a kitchen. That is a very free woman. I had to go read her past interviews to see if she had changed. She hasn’t. She is still vocal, and will always say it as it is. Even those who called her a criminal wanted in the United States of America, all of a sudden see her as Queen Amina. My take is, Buhari wanted to say, the wife has a right to say what she wants to say but as far as his administration was concerned, her role was limited to those places mentioned (kitchen, living room and the other room).Notice that they don’t share the same bedroom. The main bedroom is different from the other room. But that said, as a wife, those are the areas of restrictions. But as a an advocate… she is at large. Aisha is a Citizen without borders. But if that bothers you, konteeenuuuuu!”

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Amerian actor Russel Crowe accused of assaulting rapper Azealia Banks

Amerian actor Russel Crowe accused of assaulting rapper Azealia Banks CEO Contact


Actor Russell Crowe threw rapper, Azealia Banks out of his hotel suite when she threatened to cut him and his guests and watch them bleed on Saturday night.

According to multiple eyewitnesses, Russell Crowe invited 10 people to his hotel suite at a Bev Hills hotel, for dinner and to listen to music. One of the guests he invited was RZA, who brought Azealia along.

According to news reports, while they were listening to music, Azealia laughed out loud at Russell’s music selection and called him and another guest, “boring white men.”

A female guest didn’t appreciate that comment and defended Russell, asking Azealia to relax.

Azealia replied by saying:

“You would love it if I broke my glass, stabbed you guys in the throat, and blood would squirt everywhere like some real Tarantino sh*t.”  And dropped a few n-bombs for good measure.

Still Russell Crowe remained calm but as soon as Azealia reached for her glass, cocked it back,

Russell had had enough. He walked to her, grabbed her in a bear hug and carried her out of the suite.

He then called hotel security guards who removed Azealia from the grounds.

However, Azealia posted a different version of what happened in the hotel on Facebook, claiming Crowe called her the nig*a, choked her, threw her out and spit on her. She wrote:

After she posted the message on Facebook, a lot of people didn’t believe her account, saying she was lying.

When TMZ contacted her friend, RZA, he confirmed that Azealia Banks was erratic at the hotel and that it was Azealia that used the word nig*a, not Russell.

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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Anita Oyakhilome Re-married?

Anita Oyakhilome Re-married? CEO Contact


Image result for Anita Oyakhilome

It appears ex-wife of popular Lagos pastor and founder of Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome, Anita, may have remarried.

Anita who immediately after her divorce, reverted to her maiden name, Ebhodaghe, has added a new name, Schafer to her name and this is visible in her latest post on her online christian website,

In the comment section of this new post, someone by the name Frau Glauben congratulated her for her name change while adding “it was such a beautiful ceremony” which could mean a “wedding”. In her latest Facebook post as well, Anita included the name Scafer. 
See a screen shot of her old post which she always signed off using her “Anita Ebhodaghe” below.

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Funke Akindele Reacts To Buhari’s Kitchen Comment?

Funke Akindele Reacts To Buhari’s Kitchen Comment? CEO Contact


Image result for Funke Akindele

Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele has revealed that her husband JJC Skillz does not allow her to cook. This is coming two days after President Muhammadu Buhari said his wife, Aisha Buhari ‘belongs to my kitchen.’

In an interview with Sunday Spice, Funke Akindele said her new husband does not allow her to cook. She says whenever their cook is not around, they eat out.
In her words: “Before I met my husband, I used to work on Sundays, but he always says that I need to rest. Our chef leaves on Saturday mornings to see his family, so whenever I want to cook, my husband tells me not to do so and we eat out. We do that very often. Now, I enjoy my life and I rest.”

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My mother once sent thugs to beat me because i dress like a girl — Bobrisky

My mother once sent thugs to beat me because i dress like a girl — Bobrisky CEO Contact


Popularly referred to as Nigerian Barbie, Internet sensation, Idris Ogunneye, aka Bobrisky,talks about his life, business and the controversies surrounding him

Who is Bobrisky?

My real name is Idris Olanrewaju Ogunneye and I am from Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State. I have a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Lagos. When I was in part three at the university, I opened a boutique in Ikeja. It was called Bob, which is an abridged version of the nickname I was given when I was a child. Back then, I was fondly referred to as Bobo. I added ‘risky’ to the name and that is how I arrived at Bobrisky, and I believe the name suits me.

What religion do you practise?

Idris is my Muslim name but I am not a practising Muslim.

Did you have a privileged upbringing?

I come from an average family. My dad is alive and he’s doing fine. I was born in Ebute-Metta , Lagos and I was raised in Lagos. My mum died in 2008. My dad is a retired transporter and he has drivers that work for him because he is aged. He is a polygamist and is married to three women. I am the youngest child in my family.

How did you get the funds to start a business while you were still an undergraduate?

When I was at the university, I worked part- time. Because I love to dance, I used to teach choreography and I also attended dance events. So I made money from dancing while I was in school. Also , because I have a great sense of fashion, my friends at the university admired my outfits and usually requested that I get same for them. I would double the cost and resell to them. As time went on, I was able to raise the capital to start my business.

Did you also wear make-up when you were an undergraduate?

While I was in school, I wore little make-up. If you did not come close to me, you would rarely know I applied make-up on my face.

Why do you like to wear make-up?

I developed interest in make-up because I love fashion. I have a love for feminine fashion. I felt there was a need for me to look feminine to attract more clients and create awareness for my brand. That is why I wear make-up and false nails. In order to comply with the demands of my customers, I opened another shop where I sell make-up.

Back in school, did people react strangely to you because you wore make-up?

Like I said earlier, I did not wear heavy make-up then. However, my dressing was of the highest quality. I won the award for the Best Dressed Male in my faculty and the Best Dressed Male in the University of Lagos. I first got popular on campus.

Are you not bothered about the kind of reaction you get from people?

I’m not bothered because I believe I’m doing the right thing. I’m myself and I’m doing what pleases me.

A lot of people believe that you’re more feminine than masculine?

That is their opinion. I know the reason why I’m Bobrisky. I already told you the reason why I do all that I do now and why I do them. I let people say whatever they feel like saying about me. I’m myself and different opinions are welcome.

What do your parents think about the way you live your life?

My father knows who I am and he is not bothered. One day he said to me, “You’re getting older and you’re over 18, it is up to you to decide if this is the right or wrong path to life.”

Before your mum died, did she object to your lifestyle?

When my mum noticed my feminine side, she used to beat me. At some point , she hired some hoodlums to manhandle me because she felt I was bringing shame to the family. Later, she let me be because she noticed the beating did not yield any result.

Do you feel like a girl?

I actually don’t feel like a girl inside of me, but I have a girly way of thinking and I’m very caring. My mum got to love me so much before she died because I’m hard-working. I cooked for her when she was alive, I cleaned her shoes and picked her outfits. Before she died, she stopped bothering about Bobrisky.

Why did you choose to alter your complexion?

A few years ago, I travelled to Dubai to shop. I got a particular cream from Dubai to tone my complexion to caramel or fine chocolate. After using the cream, some areas on my body looked lighter than the rest, so I decided to brighten up my entire skin. I noticed the lightening cream worked for me, so I started to sell to people. The cream is quite expensive but it gives you an even tone.

Do you fund your lavish lifestyle solely from your business?

That is a personal question. I don’t want to talk about that.

Is “bae” the one funding your lifestyle?

I don’t want to talk about “bae.”

How rich are you?

I am rich but not as rich as people think. Presently I am building a house at Ikate, Lagos.

Are you gay?

Because I wear make-up does not mean I am gay. In fact, there is no law that can prevent me from wearing make-up. Interestingly, I apply the make-up myself and I do it well and better than most women.

But you dress feminine?

Even if I dress and talk like a woman, does that mean that I am gay?

Have you ever been in a gay relationship?

None that I know of.

Do you have a girlfriend?

I have a girlfriend that I’m in a serious relationship with. I keep her away from the media for personal reasons.

Is her family comfortable with you?

I have yet to meet with her parents but I have met with two of her older sisters. I have explained every area of my personality to them because they wanted to be clear on certain areas. I have a plan and I don’t need any kind of negativity to distract me.

Have you ever being threatened by those who find your lifestyle offensive?

Why are they offended? Nobody should feel sorry for me because I am living my life and not theirs. Every now and then, people threaten to harm me. Some even come on social media to threaten me. Let’s move on to the next question. It is not an issue.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Bobrisky is going to be as rich as Dangote. I want to expand my business. I would love to have my own manufacturing company. Also, I would love to have a good wife and good children.

How did Bobrisky become an Internet sensation overnight?

I posted videos of me dancing on Snapchat. A lot of people saw the videos and then people began to follow me on Snapchat so they can watch my videos.

Do homosexuals approach you because of the way you look?

The same way I have females who admire me is the same way guys admire me. I just laugh it off and become friends with all of them. I’m humble and calm. I don’t want to offend anyone so they do not gang-up against me. I let them know that I am not gay but I keep my friendship with them.

How did you develop the courage to do the things you do despite what people think and say about you?

I realised you can only live once and if this is the way I have chosen to live my life, so be it. I have watched my close friends die and I have witnessed their interment. I was there when my mother was buried, so I don’t take life too seriously. I don’t dictate how other people live so no one should bother about how I choose to live my life. A day is coming when you will die and the troubles will be gone. I’m myself and I take life easy. I don’t worry about a lot of things. I live a simple life and leave the rest to God.

Has being Bobrisky opened doors for you?

It has opened doors for me. I have done adverts for some companies. They like my personality, so they like to work with me.

If you’re offered a sex-change operation, will you accept the offer?

No, I won’ because I am who I am. I’m grateful for what God has done with my life. I don’t like the idea of adding some extra body parts or replacing the ones God gave me. I have nothing against homosexuals or transgenders. I am not going to judge them because I don’t like to be judged.

At what age did you start to wear make-up and dress feminine?

I started wearing make-up and wigs as a 12-year-old. By the time I turned 15, my mum got used to me being feminine. I have always lived a simple life and I have this girly attitude. I don’t like trouble and I’m also reserved.

What qualities do you look for in a wife?

My wife has to be extra beautiful because I am also beautiful. Also she must be fashionable because I love fashion. In fact, there has to be a competition between my wife and me on who is finer! Lastly, she has to be caring and loving.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

I have a unisex style. I wear male and female clothing. I am okay with whatever catches my eye and I do not care what people say or think.

How do you unwind?

I love to listen to calm music and I like to dance.

Culled from Punch

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Why I’m Passionate About Victims Of Domestic Abuse – Nneke Somto

Why I’m Passionate About Victims Of Domestic Abuse – Nneke Somto CEO Contact



Nneke Somto is the face of CandyCity pageant 2016, a beauty contest she won recently. The Microbiology graduate of Madonna University has hit the ground running advocating for victims domestic abuse which are largely women. The beauty spoke to SAMUEL ABULUDE on her experience and aspiration among other issues.

How do you feel winning the beauty contest?

I felt so overwhelmed and excited. I thank God for crowning my efforts. It was not easy being the overall winner. I also want to thank the organisers for giving me the priviledge to be the face of Candy City Pageant.

Have you been involved in any beauty contest before?

Yes I have back in university (Madonna University). I took part in the face of microbiology and I won.

Considering that you were voted for, how did u get the votes required?

I did a lot of tagging, requested my social network friends and my family to like my picture and tag friends too.

At the grand finale did you ever think you will win?

No! To be honest, I never thought of that. So many beautiful contestants but the only thing that kept me going was God’s grace and I was focussed.

How do you intend to project the image?

Well, I intend supporting other girls who have passion in modeling and beauty contest, be at their back and also reach out to the homeless, make awareness for cancer and hunger in Nigeria.

What do you think is unique about the pageant?

The uniqueness of this pageant is the code of conduct which was done with fairness and unprejudiced; everyone had to work to get their votes which gave every contestant an even playing ground. No room for bribery or any scandal.

What do you do presently and how will you combine it with your work?

Well, presently I work in the oil and gas service in accounting and I’m grateful to God for that, I’m in a company that understands that the nature of my career interest and are very accommodating in giving me off time to pursue my dream.  Combining both has been possible by virtue of my boss who is very understanding.

 Since you won, what were you doing before that you were not able to do?

Traveling… I travel a lot.  Appreciated my freedom and privacy but now as the face of Candy City, there are expectations from me and things they don’t expect me to do like any other girl down the street.

So who is Nneke Somto?

I came from a family of five. The important thing in my life is religious beliefs, moral values and respect for my elders. I believe in success through hard work and dedication and my motto in life is “if you want something, work hard, pray and you will achieve it”.  I am a very simple person and I love humor.

How often do you get love advances from men daily or weekly?

I will leave this out as it is confidential for me.

 Beyond your beauty what can you do?

I presently work in the oil and gas sector in the accounting department which is also other skills I possess.

As the Face of CandyCity Nigeria, is there any project you working on?

Yes I’m working on my pet project tagged Red Bande Signifie, a campaign on domestic violence against women. Domestic violence is an everyday occurrence and a major concern in the society, however, a situation that is mostly overlooked by the perpetrators of this crime, even the victims sometimes overlook it as a result of lack of societal cognizance of this criminal act, but they silently suffer mentally, emotional, physically and psychologically, the majority of the victims being women.

Domestic violence comes in different forms, these include: physical abuse, sexual abuse/exploitation including but not limited to rape; incest and sexual assault; harassment; emotional, verbal and psychological abuse; intimidation; economic abuse and exploitation; damage to property; deprivation and other related abuses.

The consequences of this unjust act tends to have a long time negative effects on the victim, if not quickly addressed from having inferior complex, low  energy attitude disposition at work, low self-esteem. These in totality will affect the victim’s human quality in value evaluation, in terms of her work endeavours, education, and motherly roles and as a member of the society. We are targeting different states in Nigeria.

What effect do you think this will have on them?

It will definitely have a positive effect. Public awareness campaigns on domestic violence can educate community members about the prevalence of abuse, it will encourage people to take action to end abuse, and alert survivors to the options and resources that are available to them. November marks world international day for the elimination of violence against women awareness Month. It’s a chance for everyone in the movement – victims, survivors, advocates, law enforcement, supporters and politicians to unite in our work to end abuse. Working to end domestic violence is a daunting task. There are times where it seems like we’re trying to achieve the impossible. How can we successfully empower everyone to have a healthy relationship? While our task can feel overwhelming at times, we keep going. That’s because we recognize the power that each one of us has in making a different for someone. At the hotline, every call is a chance for healing and change. I’ve developed a special challenges inform of a contest. This contest will help create more online awareness. The winner of this online contest will receive a cash price from me as i embark on my journey to end domestic violence.

What are your dreams for the future?

I aspire to be miss world and to have a family of my own. I also want to advocate for victims of domestic abuse.

Give me a brief background of your growing up and family?

My parents are still alive, I’m done with school. I should be in camp for my NYSC in October by God’s grace. My mum is soft but my dad is strict. Curfew time was set for 6pm to be at home. Really, growing up was so lovely and with discipline as my parents are knights in the Catholic Church and didn’t spare the rod when there was need for it.


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Femi Kuti, Manu Dibango, Soweto Choir, Others For Afrima 2016

Femi Kuti, Manu Dibango, Soweto Choir, Others For Afrima 2016 CEO Contact



Africa will be unstoppable at the 2016 All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA, as the International Committee of AFRIMA in association with the Africa Union Commission (AUC) and the Official Host City, Lagos State reveals an unprecedented stellar line up of top billed African stars including AFRIMA 2016 nominees and multiple award-winning South African choral group, Soweto Choir who have confirmed attendance at the main awards ceremony in Nigeria on Sunday, November 6.

Billed to hold at the Eko Convention Centre, Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, the main awards ceremony is preceded by the AFRIMA Music Village, a concert event at the WaterFront, Bar Beach, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. In addition to the 22-man Soweto Gospel Choir, AFRIMA 2016, tagged AFRIMA 3.0, will host over 352 African superstars during the award’s programme of events from November 4 to November 6.

Soweto Gospel Choir is unarguably the most decorated choral group in Africa, having won multiple awards including Grammy Award for Best Traditional World Music Album, “Blessed” and “African Spirit,” in 2007 and 2008 respectively. The 22-member choir ensembles blend elements of African gospel, Negro spirituals, Reggae and American Popular Music.

Confirming their performance at AFRIMA3.0 Awards in November, Executive Producer/Director Soweto Choir, Beverly Bryer, stated: “Soweto Choir is honoured to have been nominated at the AFRIMA in 2015 and to perform at the AFRIMA 2016; we look forward to returning to Lagos for this exciting event”.

Other nominees billed to attend or perform at the awards ceremony on November 6 and the AFRIMA Music Village on Friday November 4, 2016 respectively include the Afrobeat crown prince and four-time Grammy Award nominee, Femi Kuti (Nigeria) and Manu Dibango (Cameroon), whose song “Soul Makossa” has influenced several popular music hits, including Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’”, as well as his re-recording of that song with Akon, the Fugees’ “Cowboys”, and Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music” and comedian Eddie Murphy in his 1982 parody song “Boogie in your butt”.

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I Stand For Versatility – Dice Ailes

I Stand For Versatility – Dice Ailes CEO Contact



Afro pop artiste, Dice Ailes is one of the artistes the music industry must watch out for not just because he’s signed to Chocolate City Record label but because of his versatility.

He released the video of his song, ‘Miracle’ about a fortnight ago and the song has been getting massive airplay on different radio stations and platforms. Miracle hypes the intrinsic features of a beautiful lady describing ‘her body as a miracle’. Dice who is a rapper, singer and

Akklln songwriter has got his sight set for glory in the ever competitive music industry as he’s getting better by the day and utilizing the instructions and wise counsel he’s getting from his superiors especially his boss MI.

Damilola Shasha Alesh (his real name) has halted school for now having studied Health related course at premed school in Canada, to focus on his career. Having dropped Telephone, Machinery and others, the prodigy desires to work with Wande Coal.

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